Process comments from language testers in context

How to guide for Language Testers (overview)

This guide describes the steps how to review translations and provide feedback.
Intended audience
Language Tester - watch the  instruction video.

SAP users
Please refer to the  SAP Help Portal.

The LAT results in findings of Translation and non-translation issues .

Language testing process


  1. If you did not receive an email, please contact your Project Manager.

  2. Click the link in the invitation email and login.

    If this is your first LAT, then you will have to sign up first.

    This opens the dashboard with your review tasks.

  3. Select the My review tasks tab.

    This will open a preview-based LAT or Live LAT task.

  4. Execute the

    1. preview-based LAT task, or
    2. live LAT task.

  5. Click Complete task.

    The Project Manager will receive an email notification that you have completed your Language Acceptance Test.
    The task is now marked as completed.

    The Complete task button is replaced by a Reopen task button.

    Clicking reopen would change the status back from completed to open. This is possible only until the Project Manager closes the review pack.

Reopen a closed review task from the dashboard

As long as the project manager did not complete the review pack, it is possible to reopen review tasks from the dashboard.


  1. Login to Rigi.

  2. Click the logo on the top left.

    This will open the dashboard.

  3. Select the My Review tasks tab.

    This will show all open tasks.

  4. Adapt the filter to show the completed tasks

  5. Click the task that you would like to reopen.

  6. Click Reopen task.
    Reopen-task button not visible?
    If you do not see the button to reopen the task, then the project manager may have disabled it.
    Check with your project manager in case of questions.

    The task will now be shown in the list of opened tasks and you can continue the review.

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