Execute preview-based LAT

Execute preview-based LAT

This section applies to a preview-based LAT, where you need to review translations for pre-defined set of previews.
If you need to review the live application, please visit the instructions for a live LAT.
This guide describes the steps how to review translations preview-by-preview and provide feedback.
Intended audience
Language Tester


Watch the instruction video.

SAP users
Please refer to the SAP Help Portal.

You have started the preview-based task to review translations in a set of pre-defined previews. 

Click start review will open the following window:

The functions of most areas will become clear during the steps described below. The UI texts area and HTML Preview area are elaborated in this section.


  1. Move your mouse over the text where you would like to report an issue.

    The text highlights in green:

  2. Right click the selected text

    Now the text gets selected (yellow) and the applicable string is selected in the text list

  3. Click Create issue.

    The fields in this dialog are described in this article.

  4. The string is now marked with a badge that shows the number of reported issues for this UI text:

    You can click the badge to open the issues (there could be more than one) and edit them. 
    Only the person who created an issue can edit or delete it.

    Show the suggestions in the preview
    Select the locale with the checkmark.

    This will show the suggested translations in the preview:

  5. Click Verify & Next or click Next

    Clicking Verify & Next will:
    1. set the status of the current preview to verified, and
    2. change the status of translated strings to reviewed, and
    3. increase the progress, and
    4. open the next preview that has status open.
    Clicking Next will:
    1. keep the status of the current preview as open, and
    2. show the next preview that has status open (i.e. not verified yet).

  6. Repeat the previous step for all previews until you have verified all previews.

    You will get a popup that you have verified all previews

  7. Click Complete now

    A notification will be sent to the Project Manager.

    If you have bookmarked strings during the language test, the following warning will be shown:

    The task is now marked as completed. It is now read-only. You can re-open it for additional edits until the Project Manager closes the task.

    You can now review all issues that you reported. The menu items (Previews, Texts, Linguistic issues, i18n issues and description) are described in a separate document: LAT main window.

Interactive environment

HTML Preview

The HTML Preview shows the actual translations. Texts in the preview will highlight when you move the mouse over them:

Right click a text to select it. It will then become yellow:

  1. HTML Previews present the values for variables (e.g. {0})  as they were at the moment that the HTML Preview was captured.
  2. Click the language button to switch between source and target languages

  1. Click the following icon to highlight multiple texts in the HTML Preview.

    This will highlight strings on the the HTML Preview:


    Strings that get highlighted


    all filtered

    strings that are currently shown in the string list on the left.

    This could be helpful to detect texts that are not part of the review task.

    all unverified

    strings that have status untranslated or translated.

    This could be helpful to quickly identify texts that are not reviewed yet.

  1. Click the full screen toggle to hide the string list:

    Click the icon again to show the texts:

UI texts

The UI texts show the texts that are currently presented in the HTML Preview.

  1. Select a text in the string list will highlight it in the HTML Preview.

  2. Click the search-arrow to specify filter settings:

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