LAT main window

LAT main window

Each LAT task has a main window with a main menu and action buttons.

Intended audience
Language Testers

SAP users
Please refer to the SAP Help Portal.

The steps to execute a preview-based review tasks are described in this article. It will bring you to the following window:

The main menu consists of a tab bar. The actions and menu items are described in the following sections.


The following action buttons are available.

Start/continue review. 

This will start the review task for the first time, or continue your task from where you left the last time.
  1. Starting or continuing a task both mean that the first preview that has status open will be opened.
  2. The live review does not show the option to continue.

Complete/reopen task

Complete a task or reopen a task that you marked as completed before.
  1. it is not possible to reopen or complete a task that was closed by the Project Manager.
  2. the Project Manager will be notified when you mark your task as completed.
  3. you can only report issues for tasks that are open. You need to reopen a complete task before you can provide additional feedback.

Export issues

The tester can report all issues to an Excel.

Main menu


This menu item is only available for a preview-based LAT.
A live LAT does not use previews.
This view contains the HTML Previews that must be reviewed. 

List items

  • Order (#). The preview-by-preview navigation will be done in this order.
  • Name of the preview.
  • Status: Open or Closed (i.e. verified).
  • Number of strings that are present on this HTML Preview.
  • Tags
  • Timestamp that the HTML Preview was created.
  • Number of translation issues that were entered for this preview.
  • Number of non-translation issues that were entered for this preview.

List actions

  • Open the preview


Select items by

  • Tags
    • OR: HTML Previews are shown that contain at least one of the selected tags.
    • AND:  HTML Previews are shown that contain all selected tags.
  • Date
    • Enter a date and specify to see HTML Previews that are older or newer (including the selected date)


This view contains the texts. It is possible to create an issue for texts in that list.

List items

Use the column selector to select columns and change the order:
  • String identifier. This is a unique identification for developers to find strings in their application.
  • Source text.
  • Target text.
  • Comment (provided by the developers)
  • Status: untranslated, translated, reviewed or validated.
  • Number of issues that were entered for this string.

List actions

  • Open preview

  • Create new issue

    This will show the following dialog:

  • Bookmark issue
    Use the bookmark feature to bookmark strings. It is possible to filter for bookmarked strings, so that they can be processed at a later moment.

    When a tester completes a task with bookmarked strings, a warning will be shown:


Select items by

  • Status
    • untranslated, translated, reviewed or validated.
  • Has translation issues / has non-translation issues
    • All: show all strings.
    • Yes: show texts for which a review comment was entered.
    • No: show texts that do not have review comments.
  • Has comments by developers
  • Has HTML previews / live links
  • Has bookmarks

Translation issues and non-translation issues tabs

Translation and non-translation issues are shown in separate tabs.

List items

Use the column selector to select and order the columns.

List actions

  1. Mark as fixed / reopen
  2. Edit
  3. View
  4. Delete


We can only filter for i18n issues that are open or fixed.


This provides information about the review task, such as:
  1. The review language, and
  2. An optional instruction from the project manager, and
  3. The project manager(s) for this project including their email addresses.
  4. The QA profile. It is possible to change this during the review process.

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