Rigi online editor

Rigi online editor

The convenient Rigi online editor provides an online in-context translation environment. 

Key features
The following key features will help to translate within less time.
  1. Preview. Translators see a preview of the user interface texts with their translations in real-time. 
  2. Translation suggestions.

Open the translation task

The project manager invites translators.
  1. Open the email

  2. Click the link to sign up and follow the steps.

  3. Click the link to open the translation task

  4. Click the language (or icon) to open the task

    This will open a new browser window with the Rigi viewer:

  5. Show the two windows side-by-side.
    It is recommended to show the preview on a separate monitor.

Editor overview

The Rigi editor provides powerful features. Here are the most important ones in a nutshell.

  1. The filter provides various options.

    A red arrow means that the filter does not have the default settings. You can always reset the filter to the default settings:

  2.  Select columns and reorder (drag the -icon).

    A red line means that the settings are not the default settings. You can reset the column selection and order.

  3. It is possible to bookmark strings and enter free comments.

    You can filter for strings with bookmarks and/or free comments, so that you can have a look at them later.

Translate segment by segment

A common use case is that only untranslated segments need to be translated. Rigi provides a feature to select the set of segments to be translated and quickly translate them segment-by-segment.
  1. Adapt the filter to only see strings that have status untranslated.

  2. Make sure that the viewer is in context mode.

  3. Select a text in the editor

    This will open a preview with the appropriate text highlighted, or select the text in the current preview if it is there.

  4. Change the text

    The text is adapted in the real-time viewer. What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG).

  5. Click the state-icon to mark the translation as translated.

    This will set change the status to translated

    It is possible to revert the status to untranslated.
The editor has shortcut keys to quickly edit translations without using your mouse.

Select a string in the preview

You can select any translatable string in the preview and edit it in context.
  1. Right-click a string in the preview to select it.

    The string in the string list will now be selected.

  2. Change the translation.

Process feedback from Language Testers

Language Testers have reviewed the translated strings (in-context) and provided feedback:
  1. Comment
  2. Suggested translation
  3. Error category
  4. Priority
Translators can access those comments directly in Rigi, apply the feedback immediately and mark the issue as fixed. No more emails, annotated PDFs, Excels and phone calls!
  1. Select the Issues-mode in the viewer window:

    The badge shows the number of issues for this language that have not been marked as fixed.

  2. Select an item in the list of issues.

    This will
    1. load the preview, and
    2. highlight the string in the preview, and
    3. select the string in the editor that the comment applies to.

  3. Open the information icon

    This shows all details for this particular issue.

  4. Click the double checkmark icon.

    This will show the following dialog:

    Click copy to copy the translation to the Rigi editor and mark the issue as fixed.
The steps above can also be done in isolation by:
  1. Click the copy icon.

    The suggestion is copied to the clipboard.

  2. Paste the suggestion in the editor

  3. Click the mark-as-fixed icon.

Repeat the previous steps to process each reported issue.

Translation suggestions

The editor shows suggestions for translated strings with a similar source text. Translations can have various sources:
  1. Translations from this project.
  2. Translations from other projects.
  3. Translation Memory (TM)
  4. Machine Translations engine (MT)
The suggestions are shown in the editor:

  1. Click the suggestion

    The suggestion is now copied to the clipboard.

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